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COJ Catholic Progressive School (Cradle of Joy) is a non-stock, non-profit school dedicated to the holistic and integral formation of the students, who are witnesses to gospel values.

A partner in mission of the Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Community (LNP), COJ centers its efforts in raising leaders with the heart of Jesus.

COJ is a school built with faith, a place where God works and lives in the lives of the students, their families, and the whole community.  Our past, present, and future is a story to behold and a pleasure to share.  It is a testament of God's faithfulness and love.

NOTHING in our story happens without God's blessing and His intervention.  In and on faith, we build and grow, never losing sight that this is HIS school and that we are but His workers in His vineyard, on a mission to raise tomorrow's Christian servant leaders for His greater glory.


COJ was founded out of a desire to bring about God's plan to bring children to Himself.  In 1988, at the Lord's prodding, Teacher Marion A. Cruz began to conceptualize a preschool for LNP. 
Ten years later, with the collaboration of three (3) sisters-in-the-faith and co-educators and the blessing of LNP, COJ opened its doors to 17 students in 2 vertical classes.

In February 2023, COJ celebrated its 25th year of existence. 
It now offers Basic Elementary Courses form Preschool to Junior High School (Grade 10).

PILAKPALA (600 × 600 px)

COJ'S Fab Founding Four, reunited in 2022 (L-R): Marion Cruz, Raissa Bayani, Bambi Lazaro, and Rophemme Mendiola 



COJ is a Catholic school utilizing the progressive method of education, with a mission of developing Christian Servant Leaders through character formation and academic excellence.


In keeping with its vision, the mission of COJ is:

  • to  form children in authentic Christian character and academic excellence, training them to be responsible, patriotic citizens
  • to work closely with teachers and parents in bringing up children in the Christian faith, offering opportunities for children and the parents to come to a personal relationship with Christ
  • to help children grow in their awareness of the plight of the poor and the less fortunate